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by Chaitra Enuguri   |   March 09, 2022    |   3min read

Welcome to IR blogs on Starting a Podcast. In this blog, we talk about the very first step in the podcasting journey i.e., ‘Choosing a Podcast Topic’.

Why choosing a topic for podcasting is important?

Before we move on to how to choose a topic, it is very important to pick topics that you have an interest in. Why this step is crucial? Podcasting is a time-consuming process, if you do not have an interest or passion in the topic it would become difficult to stay consistent and publish great content. Choosing the right topic becomes the topmost priority to determine the direction of the show.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind. Look for ideas from your community/society. Search the OTT platforms/ directories for the podcasts in your genre and listen to a couple of episodes, is there anything you can do better? Lookout for inspiration. At the end of your research, ask yourself if you would be a dedicated listener for your show. If yes, then let’s get to the next step.

How to choose a podcast topic?

1. Know the purpose

Oluwatobiloba, the creator of the Addict’s Corner podcast suggests that the basic rule one should follow, is to have a well-defined purpose, they should have a proper answer for “why do I want to start a podcast?”. Being clear with the goal lays the foundation for the topic. Podcasting goals will affect the choice of topic. Do you want to start a podcast for lead generation? for building a personal brand? or to promote your business? for conveying your message? or to have fun?

2. Interests and Hobbies

Choosing the topics from your interests and hobbies will make the podcasting experience easier and more enjoyable. What do you enjoy speaking about? Or what’s the thing which lights your fire? Glee, the creator of the podcast Gleeful Talk Show asks one to create content on something that you love to talk about. Whatever your passion is, there are people who would be interested to hear and learn from what you do. These people will consider you as the source of information. You can also talk about the town you live in or could review local business or provide some tourism information with an inclusive narration. The important thing here is that this process should be easy and fun for you.

3. Deep look into your talents/experiences

Do you have certain advantages or skill sets that would make for an interesting podcast? do you have experiences that set you apart from the crowd? share them with people. It could be travel, culture, arts, or anything. Make sure you list out the talents or skills you own. you need to know your unique ability before choosing a podcast topic. you need to ask yourself what are your areas of expertise or when do people ask for your help on a regular basis?

4. Target Audience

you need to find out your niche audience. The question “what would your audience find helpful?” They might have a problem to solve, a challenge to overcome, or they want subject expertise. Can you give them the answer?  Podcasting is powerful in this way because it can reach an intimate audience. It is great for reaching small, focused, and underserved topics of interest. Picking your niche in the podcasting world can make you the expert in the field.

Some of the most used Podcast topics are career, self-improvement, motivation, comedy, food, relationships, mental health, and personal journals.

Finally, you should also make sure that there is enough demand for your topic, especially if you want to make money, promote or gain a large audience.
In short, you can inspect the chosen topic by answering these questions

  • What’s your purpose and why do you want to start this podcast?
  • Are you passionate about your idea?
  • Who will be your audience?
  • Are you the first or is your idea unique enough?

Where to look for content ideas?

Here are a couple of Podcast content generation tools that will give you ideas to play with.
a) Answer The Public
b) Buzzsumo
c) Google Trends
d) Uber Suggest
e) Google suggestions

Look out for what the crowd wants and if that aligns with your passion.

Trending Podcast Genre

Top ten performing podcast genres in India- 1) Gaming, 2) Comedy 3) Stories 4) Culture 5) Self-help 6) Society 7) How to 8) Business 9) Motivation 10) Educational.

Here is the link to Apple podcast genres to give you a better idea. Also remember, if your idea doesn’t fit in this category it doesn’t matter at the end of the day make sure you have an audience and have fun.

We hope this blog helped you in clearing your confusion in selecting a podcast topic. These are some of the tips which you can use to select a topic. No matter which strategy you use, choosing a topic consumes a lot of time. you need to be consistent, and you’re going to need to arm yourself with a lot of patience. These things take time to build up momentum. So happy Podcasting !!

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