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by Chaitra Enuguri   |   April 15, 2022    |   3min read

Do you know what Podcast Cover Art is and why is it important to have cover art? Check out this blog to know the significance of a Podcast Cover Art & its Impact on Listeners.

First impressions count. We generally construct a perception after seeing a poster of a movie, whether to invest our time in it or not? In the same way, the cover artwork is for a podcast. According to statistics, 62% of new listeners are more likely to listen if they like your cover art. The main purpose of this cover art is to attract listeners. Having a good quality cover art is one of the requirements to get featured on the ‘Apple Podcast’s New & Noteworthy List’. A podcast cover design should be eye-catching, relevant, and engaging for your potential audience. Let’s dive deep…

Best practices to create a podcast cover art

  1. Make sure it meets Apple Podcasts’ requirements.
  2. Design for a variety of sizes because the artwork should look great everywhere it’s displayed.
  3. Clearly communicate the subject of your podcast in the cover art.
  4. Limit the number of words in your cover art.
  5. Don’t use explicit language or imagery.
  6. Preferably use attractive typography in the cover art of the podcast.
  7. Repurpose your artwork on other mediums. This creates a consistent podcast brand that listeners will recognize at a glance.
  8. Use consistent branding- using the same colors, fonts, and images in your podcast cover art that you use on your website, social media, etc.
  9. Use high-resolution images in the cover art of the podcast.
  10. Compress your final image of the podcast’s cover art to be optimized for mobile devices.

Requirements of a Cover art:

1. Dimensions

Before getting into the designing part, you need to understand the requirements of the podcast directories. A podcast directory is an app your listeners will use to download, listen to, subscribe, rate, and review your podcast. The most popular are Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher. Out of all, Apple podcasts have the strictest requirements such as:

  • Image size of 3000×3000 pixels
  • Resolution of 72 dpi
  • JPEG or PNG file type
  • RGB colors
2. Typography

Today’s podcast listeners experience the show on a wide range of devices, cover art must look great in big and small sizes. You should use a cover art with large, clear font, and that is readable. Daniel J. Lewis, an award-winning podcaster suggested that serif fonts, like Times New Roman, Garamond, and Bodoni often have thin lines and small details that get lost or blurred at small sizes. Script fonts can be too decorative to be legible unless they’re big. Sans serif fonts, like Arial, Myriad Pro, Futura works with thick or uniform-thickness lines, clear characters and strong contrasts from the background. Even when you discover the perfect font, never forget legibility. You should not make the text too small, or no one will be able to read it. Too big, and the words will dominate the imagery.

3. Right words

The perfect logo combines a multitude of elements geared toward a singular goal, which is telling the audience who you are, and why they should listen to you. Podcasters should use the title on the cover and should not use too many words. As per Daniel J.Lewis, the easiest word to remove from your cover art can be the word podcast, as it is unnecessary in the title.

4. Style

There are six basic elements of design: line, shape, texture, framing, colour and type. The way in which you use them defines the style of your cover design. Since the subject of your artwork is likely to determine the line and shape, you need to ensure that the lines of the object should direct the viewer’s eye to where you want them to look. Regardless of how stylized you draw a boat for your sailing podcast, the shape should not be so abstract that it doesn’t convey the idea of “boat.” Too much shading and texture on a tiny music player screen will become a muddled mess. The important thing to note is to choose a style that reflects your podcast. For example, fun and colourful is appropriate for an inspirational podcast.

5. Color to the cover

The colours make the cover eye-catching. Colour temperature affects mood. For example, warm colours are associated with energy, brightness, and action, while cool colours make you feel calm, serene, and at peace. The colour wheel is an easy way to come up with colour combinations that sell subtle messages to your audience.

Analogous colours, present right next to each other in the wheel, often signify harmony or cohesion and can appear mature. Formal or Business podcasts often choose analogous colours for their cover art. For example, “The Daily” podcast incorporates blue, green and yellow to appear both calming and mature. These colours evoke a sunrise, which matches the morning news show’s topic.

Complementary colours are across from each other on the colour wheel. They allow for simple designs that pop and catch the eye. Podcasts with vibrant or loud personalities might choose a complementary colour pair.

Triadic colours are the colours on an equilateral triangle, they are great choices for those who would like to create a complex image with multiple focus points while still seeming put-together and cohesive.

6. Let your content lead the way

You need to get a clear understanding of the entire podcast plan, which consists of elements such as topic, tone, personality, style and genre. Just being clear on the topic is not enough, you should also consider the tone of the podcast. Also remember it must suit the personality of the host as well.

How to design your podcast cover art?

Creating a podcast cover design takes implementing the right tools and sometimes you might need to hire the right professionals to help you. Here are some tools and resources, that you can use to create your podcast cover art:


This allows you to create artwork without expenses. You need to create a Buzzsprout account to design the cover art.

Adobe Spark

This website’s free plan is similar to Canva’s offerings. You can use various free templates, text styles, and colour pallets to design the cover.

Tailor Brands

This platform has AI that creates a custom podcast cover design based on your brand name and industry. You can also customize the design to our tastes on this platform.


This tool is extremely easy to use for people looking to create professional-looking graphics. Over a million icons and images, hundreds of design templates, ready to go quotes, shapes and graphics are available on this platform.


The free version of Canva comes with hundreds of thousands of free photos and graphics, you can use your creativity to do the cover art.

Or Hire a pro/Freelancers/expert/graphic designers

Inspire Race

We provide the service of designing your podcast cover art. We also provide content ideas, show format, production services, hosting and distribution services, marketing, audio editing and post-production services such as audio review, editing, show notes, transcripts, and others. You can refer to more at inspirerace.com. Cost : $20 to $65

Want to get your Podcast Cover Art done, click here.

Freelance websites

You can also look for graphic designers on Upwork and Fiverr.
Cost : starts from $5.


Start a design contest, and you pick the winner. 99designs has created high-quality artwork for some of our own podcasts. Use this link for $20 off any contest.
Cost: $199–$1,399

The Podcast Design Company

Professional graphic designers that focus on cover art designs. They offer a 30-day guarantee, unlimited revisions, and 24/7 support. Use code Buzzsprout15 to save 15% on your first order.


We hope you’re now clear on what podcast cover art is, why is it needed, what’s the importance of having an eye-catching podcast cover art and many more such related questions. Hope our next blog on ‘Podcast Equipments‘ might interest you. If you’re on the journey of podcasting and this blog helped you; subscribe to our email list, we promise you the best.

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