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Dear Smile with Cynthia is a self-improvement podcast hosted by Cynthia Vinolin. Dear Smile is a weekly podcast that is set to bring smiles to people, and remind us that life is all about living these precious moments. Cynthia is an Instagram influencer with over 400k followers and a Danceholic.

Many times in life we always forget to cherish small successes, memorable moments and we make our own life hard. Life is not about big achievements, it’s all about enjoying small things and leading a happy meaningful life. Cynthia wants to remind people how we can lead such a life by bringing tiny changes in our mindset and attitude which will help us in the long run.

On this podcast, she talks about her own life experiences, learnings and how they have impacted her and how they can help other people. You can enjoy these small doses of motivation while you’re commuting to work or just want to relax and reflect on your day.

her content is good and motivating to listen early in the morning. Thank You Cynthia for inculcating positivity.😇🤩


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