Voice of Daddy Kedi


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Voice of Daddy Kedi is a pure entertainment podcast hosted by Sathyaraj, and Sowmya Sathyaraj. They are here to bring fun and joy to us through this podcast. Sathya and Sowmya are two lovely beings who always make each other laugh and live a fun filled life. Sathya, king of Kadi Jokes, is an Instagram influencer and well known as Daddy Kedi.

With so much hustling in life we often forget to have fun of our own or spend quality time with our family. Sathya and Sowmya are set to make us laugh by sharing their life stories, things they agree or disagree on, parenting life, family, friends and much more.

Through this podcast they want to celebrate love, life and friendship and share those unforgettable moments with their lovely audience. Enjoy this power packed episodes every Wednesday on all OTT platforms.

Lots of love to daddykedi team, you guys are always one of my stress relief Hope you guys win digital award in coming year😇 waiting for upcoming videos 😍🤩

Browny SnowB

Cirikkavum with Sathyaraj & Sowmya Sathyaraj

3: Love Marriage ah? Arranged Marriage ah?

2: Vesham Apdi Thane Irukum

1: Naangellam Apove Apdi!

and the remaining episodes you can find on any of…